Up norf’….where all the neat stuff is


That was a saying originally voiced by my nephew Ben….way back when he was just a little little  kid.  We all loved those words and agree with the sentiment, still. 

Here are a few up north scenes……

8-8-10 up north 011 New sculpture at Bridge Park in St Ignace, honoring the workers who lost their lives building the Mackinaw Bridge.

8-8-10 up north 232

We’ve witnessed many gorgeous sunrises

And shorelines…..

8-8-10 up north 109

8-8-10 up north 115

But of course, since we were at the cottage, there is always work to do….

8-8-10 up north 168 This year’s big project was putting a window in the upstairs “overflow bunk house” above the garage. 

8-8-10 up north 169 Jeff was the designer, and builder….


8-8-10 up north 193 Patrice was the precariously balanced painter! 

And with the exception of Jeff’s lost battle with a bungee cord, they came out unscathed but tired…

8-8-10 up north 107

And the window turned out beautiful!!!!!

8-8-10 up north 201

We didn’t get a good photo of the view out the window, but after some judicious tree trimming we have a perfectly framed bird’s eye view of the lake.

8-8-10 up north 197

And  looking in from the lake at the new window (on the right) isn’t so bad either. 

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