Up norf’, continued….


Being up there was not all work, of course…..

The “kids” were there for an extended weekend, they bring such fun and energy.

And dogs…..

8-8-10 up north 099 We had 8 of them at the cabin at one point.

They always seem to bring some fun toy too:

8-8-10 up north 022

8-8-10 up north 040

Just wish all the “youngsters” could have been there…..maybe next year, I hope!

After Steph and Derek, Erin and Charlie, and Ben and Joanie left….there was Patt and Jim, Laurie and Hank, and Jeff and I for the remainder of the week.  We spent our days together, working,  eating, taking walks, having long sits on the deck, playing my new favorite card game “The Perfect Hand”, and watching movies.  Laurie was also the berry picking pro, and superb maker of Blueberry Pie and Blackberry Cobbler.  Patt is much like her brother, she never stops….works works works and finally collapses at the end of the day.  I kind of took over the kitchen as far as meals went, but had plenty of willing hands to help.   

8-8-10 up north 076 Left to right…me, Patt, and Laurie

Much of my spare time was spent in the Boathouse Studio, making mosaics.  We improved the looks of the place a little, with some handy props pulled out from storage:

8-8-10 up north 202

Note the oars hanging on the ceiling rafters…someone (J….f) wanted to change the name of the Boathouse Studio, to the Oar House…..Well, anyways….the room really worked great, but I am sure there is more improvements in store  for it. 


4 responses »

  1. What a great mosaic studio. The decorations are fabulous, of course, but I didn’t realize how roomy it is.

    Everyone is in for a treat tomorrow (I’ve already seen them!)

  2. The Oar House Studio… I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Great picture of you girls, can’t wait to get one of all of us!

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