I’m back!   I’ve been busy….doing nothing really…..just concentrating on feeling better every day. 

My friend/neighbor, Patrice, and I started the mailbox mosaic project.  

My mailbox will have a woodland theme….featuring the cedar trees that dominate our landscape.  Patrice is starting with sunflowers.  We got off a to good start yesterday,  choosing to test our adhesive on the backside of the mailbox:

7-21-10 002

This mailbox is definitely an experiment.  How will it hold up through rain, snow, and freezing temperatures?  Maybe a more relevant question is how will it hold up to abusive teenagers with  baseball bats?  I am an optimist!  

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  1. I want to do this too. But our box was knocked off by a grass cutters’ truck last month, with something sticking out the back. I guess if it breaks, I can do it again, differently.

  2. I think they are all still intact. They have the advantage of being at the end of a dead end road. There are some very unique mailboxes in our neighborhood that have been there a long time…fingers crossed.

  3. And you’re brave! I’d be out for blood if someone wrecked al of that hard work!
    Are the boxes on the other block still undamaged?

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