Surprise request…

Steph was over yesterday…..out of the blue, she says, “I want to make a quilt, Mom”. 

So after a little questioning, we determined that she wanted a lap sized quilt to drape over her bed.  She perused a few of my books, and we settled on a simple pattern….

6-14-10 018

…..from the book “The Modern Quilt Workshop”, by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle. 

She learned measuring and cutting, with a rotary cutter and ruler, very quick…

6-14-10 017

And took home this pile of fabric (all from my shelf), planning to cut it  into approximately 400 rectangles:

6-14-10 020

She will finish all the cutting tonight, and then I can introduce her to the sewing machine.  Maybe tomorrow.      Oh, I do hope she enjoys this project!  I’ve got lots more fabric for her to use!


6 thoughts on “Surprise request…”

  1. Oh lord, you shouldn’t have mentioned fabric, all your friends are going to bury her in the stuff!! And yes, it would be a good subject for a blog post.

  2. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!
    Love the colors she picked. Tell her that she MIGHT want to BLOG abut it!!! lol

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