Wednesday and #138


I’m doing pretty good these past two days, thank you.  Yesterday I actually ate about 500 calories,  today about 700, so far.  Inch by inch.  Plus lots of water sipping.  I’m haven’t much umph yet, not feeling very ambitious.  

Wednesday, Patt and I mosaiced for a few hours!  Oh did that do me some good.  I can’t wait to show you what Patt is making….but it must wait until she’s done….which could be a while…this is a big project!  I will show you the mosaics I started, tomorrow. 

Another good, easy, no-thinking-required project is knitting.  And after seeing this(instructions included, thank you Kat), I wanted to try it for myself.  I had some recycled silk sari yarn waiting for just the right project….

6-14-10 001 Bad photo…but you get the idea.  Its like a pet, draped about my neck….will be fun to wear this winter.  I probably should have used larger needles for this weight of yarn.  Kat used fabulous beaded yarn, quite lightweight.  That worked really really well with the size 11 needles. 

I have to say that the sari yarn is beautiful, and I just found out here, that it is hand spun on a drop spindle.  Its soft, colorful, and scrappy primitive….you will even find little twigs  spun into it every so often….why, I don’t know(must be part of the process.)     Its cool stuff….what have you made out of it? 

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  1. Congrats on your first one, I know you’ll do more. I’m almost done with my third one, a blend of cotton and rayon yarns.

  2. I am SO glad you are feeling well enough to be crafty! That HAS to be somewhat good!
    I can’t imagine cranking up the Delicious Scarf machine yet. Too hot to hold yarn on my lap.
    See you this afternoon!

  3. I had a terrible time with the Sari yarn. It kept breaking apart. I actually threw the whole darn thing away and my friends at 212 retrieved it from the wastebasket. Afew weeks later Jean Canavan was wearing it and I admired it. It’s funny how you grow to hate those artful objects that give you so much grief.

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