4th of July

“Fourth of July” climbing rose: 

6-14-09 023

Hope you all are out there enjoying some time with family and friends.  Happy Independence Day to you! 

For me, this is the strangest sort of holiday.  Right now, food is the enemy.  I’m on clear liquids again, resting the ol’ digestive system…giving it a chance to recover.  I was doing so well for a few days, then all of a sudden….nothing could stay down.  We’ll give healing a chance and then gradually introduce more solid foods.  Hey, I’ve lost about 20 pounds during the past two weeks. 

One little bit of sweetness to tell you about….Steph and Derek gave me a wonderful birthday present!  An iphone!    I’m just discovering all the fun little features on it…..like when texting, it has an automatic spell check that corrects obvious mistakes.  Loving the Pandora Radio, the camera, the speaker, and of course surfing the net and checking email whenever and wherever I am.    I’m sure there is a way to post to the “blob” via it also….Hey Steph….help!  Oh and the personal tech support I get from Steph is priceless. 

Just checking in….and wishing you well my friends! 


4 thoughts on “4th of July”

  1. Watch out for your iphone filling in words…I texted my daughter that I was going to zumba…and it switched zumba to “zimbabwe”!!! Imagine her surprise when she read I was going to Zimbabwe! 🙂

  2. what an awesome flower!! Such rich color. How fun to have an i-phone….now you have another toy to play with. Keep sipping. Gail

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