Buying back a memory

While I am talking about books, I have a little story to share with you. 

Years ago, in the ‘90’s, our family, friends and neighbors were passing around the book  “To Dance with the White Dog”.    We all really enjoyed the story about an elderly man who had just lost his wife.  Mysteriously, a white dog befriended him and helped him through the hard times.   

Dance with White Dog Cover Maybe you have read this book, or saw the movie???? 

The book ended up on my bookshelves, and sat untouched for many years.  One day I was culling my book collection, and with “White Dog” being a paperback, I decided to donate it to the Friends of the Library.  This was a while ago, maybe a couple of years. 

Fast forward to the latest library Used Book Sale.  I am there with Steph, shopping on bag day….a bag of books for $5.   I come across the book,  and think, “Oh, I don’t think I own this book anymore….I could read this novel again, I loved it”…and in my bag it goes.   One does not have to be picky on $5 per bag o’ books day, any book that appeals goes into the bag.  When and if the bag is full, then the elimination process starts.  The book ended up coming home with me.  My MIL heard I had been to the sale, and asked if there was anything she could take home to read….I gave her the book.  She too remembered reading it, and would enjoy it again. 

She called me later, and said….”Imagine my surprise when I saw my husbands handwriting inside the cover of the book”.  Dad K. (Capt. Jack) has been gone for 11 years.   After reading, many of us signed our names and wrote a few words….Capt. Jack, included…..

 White Dog signatures

So here, I bought back the exact book I had previously donated….. Serendipity.   And the library would like to see more customers like me. 


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