Home again, home again….


Jiggedy, jig……!

Home to my own sofa, bed, peoples, pets, shower, food….

Glad that whole thing is behind me now, and I can start feeling better day by day.     

So what am I gonna do while I’m sitting around, and taking it easy….

Read….currently I’m engrossed in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  No folks, I never read this book, nor saw the movie.   But I love Savannah, and want to go visit for a while. 

Want to know one of my secrets…..I used to read, and read, and read.  I read myself to sleep every night, and would start the day with a good chapter or two.  Then take breaks during the day and read.   You know how it is, when you are an avid reader, the book is never far away.  

Then my mind went bye bye…..literaturely(new word?), anyways!  All I wanted to do was look at the pictures.  I’ve been devouring art books for years now.   The visual.   Not that this was without benefit.  Maybe it was just what was needed.  But reading novels and literature is not going to take a backseat anymore.  Its a passion, and a gift, and life is too short not to be passionate and accept gifts! 

The book that I just finished and LOVED was The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society

I highly recommend this book full of down to earth but colorful characters! 

So what are you reading that I should be reading??????

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  1. Okay…The Work of Wolves by Kent Meyers is a tight little novel with the most amazing characters. Everyone in my book club liked it alot and that is really saying something! The Outlander by Gil Adamson – a novel about a real geological event – riveting and delightful. Atticus by Ron Hanson (I will read his earlier books this summer.) I have a whole house full of books so let me know if you run out! So glad that you are home!

  2. I always love the books you recommend, Kel. Hey, can you bring Dance with the White Dog tomorrow? I want to scan the inside cover and compose a blob post about it. I’ll give it right back to you, no hurry in getting to it. http://debkolar.com

  3. I am half way through the “Potatoe Peel” book and I am totally enjoying it………Thanks D!

  4. So glad you are home! I recently read “The Lace Reader” on Mary’s recommendation and LOVED it. I read it in two days. Might want to try that one.

  5. Welcome home. So happy to hear that you are snuggled in with books book books. Heal and read…perfect.

  6. “Heart and Sou” by Maeve Binchy. I am at a point where reading has really taken a back seat, though I did read the “Potato Peel Society”, wonderful. Characters I won’t forget for a long time! I only read when I’m working out on the stair stepper, so it will be a very long time before I finish the book.

  7. Glad you are home and on the road to wellness!

    I’ll recommend a book: Tattoos on the Heart by Greg Boyle. Nonfiction, but many times truth is better than fiction, no?

  8. WELCOME HOME!!!!!

    I also love to read, and like you, have been picking this hobby up from the wayside where it fell.
    I am currently reading Shiloah Autumn by Bodie thoene. It is the fourth book in the series. It started at the tale end of WW1 and we are now in The Depression. Those people lived through some TRIALS!

    I have heard of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society from the Blogosphere, along with The Help. I would like to read both.

    I also still have to read the book you loaned me, To Dance With a White Dog, or something like that, and Abby put a book on hold at the library for me. Something about conquering the middle aged middle, by Eades. I might need to memorize that one!

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