Day 6


Today was a very good day!  Nose hose out!  A little food in!  30 laps around the wing. 

But disaster almost struck.  Note:  I have not had any food for a week.  Today the doctor said I could have cream soup for dinner, easing me back to eating solid food.  Let me tell you, YUMMY, the thought of tomato soup was a sweet thought all day long.  So about 6PM I call in my food order.  It took about 4 phone calls for them to accept that I could have soup added to my clear liquids restrictions, but that glitch was finally settled…so I thought.  I’m waiting, anticipating…my tray arrives, and there  is my bowl, I open it and its BEEF BROTH.  Knowing that the kitchen closes at 7, and its now 6:58, I quickly call.  I am put on the automatic recording saying I will be the next in line.  Promptly at 7, I get another recording saying the kitchen has closed.   Click.  I don’t cry easily about food, but the tears welled up.  I called the nurse….and thankfully, I was able to enjoy my soup a short while later.  Thank you nurse Amber!   After eating that most delicious cup of soup and an italian ice, I felt as full as after Thanksgiving dinner.  But it digested just fine, and hopefully tomorrow I will get more solids added to my menu. 

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  1. Being a prisoner at a hospital is not so fun, subject to rules, policies, and overworked nurses. Its important to have loved ones to lean on during your stay.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through…not to mention fighting for a cup of soup. I remembe fighting for a banana when I was in UM hospital. When I finally got it, I dropped it and the nurse refused to get me another. I had to call my husband and I cried and cried. It is a horrible position to be in. But I’m glad to hear you are getting better and stronger. I’m also happy to hear you have a good roomie. That helps alot. Thinking of you. Margie

  3. Happy birthday!!! So happy you got to eat something!! What a horrendous way to lose weight!! 😉 Hang in there, all things pass, some just take longer than we think! Hugs, Gail

  4. I’m soo glad you got soup, just the smell of that beef broth can make you sick after so many servings.
    Happy Birthday!!

  5. ARrrrgggg, hospital snafus!!!
    SO glad you enjoyed the zoopa!
    GOD BLESS Amber!
    On to bigger, better and more solid foods!

  6. Oh, Deb! I am so glad you got it. I teared up when I read beef broth! Get better girl, you need lots of good food now.

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