Day 5


Getting better, feeling stronger, walking walking walking.  I still have the Snuffleufagus tube hanging out of my nose….hopefully that will come out tomorrow.  The pain is mild.  Flatulence has happened, that makes the doc’s happy.   Next step is a liquid diet.  There, you have it….now for the more interesting stuff.

I had asked the doctor, just as a favor, for a private room.  Having been in the hospital way too many times, I had a history of challenging roommates.   We’ll leave it at that, no details.  Well the day after surgery, the doc apologized saying he couldn’t do it.   At that point, my roommate and I were in our own world of healing, it didn’t matter.  But now, I am so glad that I didn’t get a private room!  My roommate is awesome…she is an artist, specializing in metalsmithing, felting and is interested in  many art mediums.  How much easier the days pass with our little conversations getting to know each other….in between the vitals checks, walking and family visits.    Really now, what are the chances that two like minds, could be put together under these circumstances. 

Her name is KELLIE!  And here is her website:

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  1. That has God’s fingerprints ALL over it!
    So glad you are moving. In all possible ways!
    Going to check out Kellie’s blob.

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