Where I Stand, Thursday…..



Well, not quite standing, so much.  I am in the hospital, recovering from surgery on Monday.  I had a tumor near the small intestine, had it removed, along with a portion of said small intestine.   Yikes, I know…but its done and over and….and  I CAN’T WAIT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!!  Honestly, this hospital feels like prison.  I do have a really nice roommate.  And a really caring family.  My first day after surgery, Steph was my personal nurse.  She was here the whole day, seeing to my every need.  Yesterday, Patt was here bright and early for a good portion of the day.  And of course, Jeff….he is here at the crack of dawn every day.  And my army of friends….shooting arrows of prayers and good wishes, thank you so much. 

Here are the lovely faces that greeted me this morning…the girls happen to be on rotation here at the hospital and stopped in to see me before getting to work:


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  1. Glad you are feeling well enough to blob! I was missing you.
    WOO HOO, goodbye nose hose!!!
    Hey, I want my own personal nurses!
    Are you accepting phone calls?

  2. I’m thinking all of the angels in heaven must have thought they got caught in an archery range with all of the arrows I was sending up there! Glad you’re feeling well enough to blob.
    Did ya fart yet???
    Sorry… couldn’t resist! Love you!

  3. Glad all went well. Sorry you hate the hospital so much — maybe you could start an arts and crafts workshop while you’re there!!!

  4. Hey, girl! I was wondering about you and now I don’t have to wonder…glad you had it removed – maybe I can pick you up for RWS next Wednesday evening…take care! Patrice

  5. So happy that you are on your way to returning to the other world!! What luck to have such great family to care for you!! Hugs!! Gail

  6. Nothing like having your own professional nursing staff an your beck & call. Get well soon.
    Hugs from “up norf”

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