A Sunday at CP’s


My SIL, Patrice….aka Capri Patt….is growing a beautiful shade garden.  But, unfortunately, that girl has no blob outlet for bragging.  She even refuses to take photos.  What are we gonna do with her, very unCapri like! 

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to give you a little walkabout on her property.  The garden plantings are just a couple of years old, they are filling in nicely….and will continue to do so if only the deer would leave them alone. 

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 030 Patrice has a thing for rocks……. 

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 047

So, when she needed a few rocks moved, a couple of weeks ago…she asked her brother, Jeff  and the tractor for help.  I don’t know what the big deal was, just six rocks from the bottom of the driveway, up the hill, and set  into their new home:

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 026

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 032 This stone wall and precisely set edging are in the backyard.   She is her father’s daughter, with her ability to make things so exact, neat and tidy looking….not to mention lovely.  5-23-10 penny ball, patts 037

Iris’ imported from Virginia:

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 041

Happy junipers, en masse:

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 050

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 027

Here they are trying to move a rock with mind over matter. 

After the rocks were in place, we were treated to the best steak dinner ever.   I’ll come over and be a rock setting director, cheerleader and photographer again anytime soon, Patrice! 

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  1. Thank You D! Your photos are wonderful! I will ask you back when the final results are ready to be photo’d

  2. Thanks Capri Deb!! Since Capri Patt WILLFULLY and STUBBORNLY will NOT jump on the Blob wagon, we are so happy to have you documenting!

    It looks beautimous, but that is not surprising!

  3. GOR-GEE-OUS!!!! Well done as always C.P. !!!
    Thanks for letting us see all of the beautiful work C.D.

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