The Boathouse


We were up north over the weekend, opening up the cottage.  We worked outside raking, and general cleaning up.  Many hands made light work.  With the exception of Jeff….he’s always on the frontlines of a project.  That’s what he gets for being so handy. 

On the last day, Jeff planted a seed of an idea in my brain.  And while he and Patt were out in the woods, the idea germinated and started growing.  I enlisted help….my SIL Laurie. 

We have an old boathouse on the property.  But, these days, we have no boat.  So its used for storage…mostly JUNK  stuff we don’t use.   Well, some useful things too….like long 2 x 4 boards and extra vinyl siding, the lifejackets and wetsuits, beach toys and the horseshoes.   But once the necessities were consolidated and edited, we had plenty of open space. 

The building itself is simple, but quite beautiful to my eyes.  Its lower half is limestone and mortar.  The upper part is build of rock hard maple that was salvaged from an old furniture manufacturing company in Manistique.  The inside has exposed walls, with little shelves built between the studs.  The floor is cement.  This building was built by my father-in-law, Jack. 

Over the years the boathouse has been used for much more than storage.  In recent years, as an overflow bedroom.  But I also have memories of Elaine, my MIL, making her driftwood arrangements and my SIL Lisa making collages during her teen years too.  Jack was an artist/woodcarver and used the boathouse as his “studio” during his last years. 

Getting back to Jeff’s idea…..refurbish the boathouse into our lake studio, for mosaics.  Thank you Jeff, you have the bestest ideas.   And that is exactly what we started on that last afternoon of the weekend.   It was a group project….Jeff, Patt, Laurie, and I.  As the afternoon progressed, us girls made GRAND PLANS for spiffing up this place.  Nothing major, just paint and fabric mostly.  But it will be fun.  And with 4 of us in the immediate family that love mosaicing, it will be a great getaway.   (I did manage to sneak in a sewing table too.)

Here is the entrance, complete with screen doors that welcome Lake Michigan breezes:

5-30-10 21 UP

And this is the inside, after cleanup, but I consider this a “before” photo: 

5-30-10 22 UP

Jeff utilized the stored wood planks, and made us a work surface (on the right), making the room immediately functional.  But what a coat of paint will do….look for further progress photos, hopefully, over the summer. 

Lastly, this is the view out of Lake Studio’s door:

5030-10 23 UP

Laurie, can’t wait to see what the norf’ woods inspires you to create.  And can’t wait to join you!

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  2. I put the straw rug from my kitchen out there — gives it a much more finished look already. Have put my mosaic stuff on the new table, too.

  3. Woo Hoo!!! Looks awesome! I’m looking forward to getting up there and trying it out!

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