#117-Penny mosaic, pond, and pollywogs


The mitten has warmed up as it should be in late May! 

Last winter, I covered a bowling ball with pennies and vowed to grout it in the spring. 

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 008 Here, from a close proximity, grouting would make a difference.   But its home is on the far side of the pond:

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 017

No grout needed.  Completed piece #117 for 2010. 

Our pond needed a little glitter, as the orange flash of our happy goldfish is gone.  I’m afraid we’ve had a heron visit, and he wiped us out…..20ish goldfish (several of them were Patt’s).  We’ll have to start over with small ones again.  I know there are deterrents, netting is ugly….something fancy like motion detector water sprays would work, but don’t you think that is going a little overboard?  The heron has to eat too.  We have spotted him in our pond in the past, what an honor really.  The great blue heron is so big and beautiful.  We also had a great white heron visit us once, he was about 5 feet tall, pure white.  Not an egret.  What a sight. 

But one thing we do have are these: 

5-23-10 penny ball, patts 020

Thousands of them.   

News flash!!!  After not seeing any fish for days….I walked out at dusk tonight, and saw 4.  No cheubunkins though, Patrice.

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  1. I love this idea, but did not see what you used for gluing the pennies onto the bowling ball, could you please tell me what kind of glue you used as I would love to try this!

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  3. Thank you for visiting and the compliment, Mo’a. Yes, the fish can hide under the waterfall rocks, and under the “dock” at the end of the pond. They must have been spooked and hid there for days.

  4. I love that penny covered bowling ball…how clever 🙂 Your pond is beautiful. Do you have someplace in the water for your fish to hide?

  5. That would be a good mosaic day project for us….Value World always has bowling balls

  6. I ADORE the penny ball! I am going to have Honey keep his eyes peeled for a ball at a garage sale!

    Them’s smart fishies!

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