Back Deck Bistro


Yesterday and today’s weather was just perfect.    Yesterday,  I found the most lovely patio table and chairs in my favorite color: red.  Its just what was needed to liven things up and bring everything together on the deck. 

5-20-10 patio 008

My patriotic quilt and pillows are a temporary prop….

5-20-10 patio 009

So now I have the ability to seat 10 people in chairs on my patio, and several others on the step and bench.  The big picnic table and benches were moved to the gazebo…which will be great because the painted table is protected from the elements.   (And provides a shady place for summertime mosaic making.)

I had a few friends over today…Kat, Gail and Nan.  We officially opened the deck sitting season:5-20-10 patio 003

We talked, laughed and admired Gail’s awesome circle quilt:

5-20-10 patio 007

What a nice day it was.  And, if you’re looking for me….I’ll be in the backyard. 

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  1. Now that I’ve actually seen your deck and backyard, I’m even more impressed. So beautiful and peaceful. What a great place to meditate and center yourself

  2. The deck looks wonderful!!! Gail’s quilt is beautiful, the way she’s holding it, there are two eyes between her hands that stare back at me!

  3. Ha! You bought them! And the table too. Don’t you just love them? Now I want the table too. Will be bringing up all my deck furniture today and if I have room ….

  4. Came to visit from Jude Hill’s cloth to cloth class- I love the deck, and I LOVE your friend’s circle quilt- Congratulate her for me, will you? ….I really should get out there and spruce up my deck….

  5. Hummmmm… I always thought your favorite color was blue?!
    It looks very inviting.

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