Hello, again….


I have been working on the “lady”…..

She was an experiment, and a answer to the question:  Can I stitch a larger than life face, inspired by the style of an artist I admire?….. Pamela Allen, her work is here, and I was  looking forward to taking a class with Pamela, but that was not to be.

So, this Lady.  Hmmmm, I’m happy with SOME of the details…..

5-19-10 lady 001 Like this eye….and the fabric that contributes eyelashes and an eyebrow.  The velvet hair.

5-19-10 lady 002 The colors and textures of her clothes.  The fact that the red flower print on the left is a castoff tshirt from my daughter.  In fact, most of the fabric in this piece has history, connections….I love that. 

5-19-10 lady 003 And I love that a a little bit of the tailor quilt found its way into this piece. 

I’ll keep working on her,  hoping I can make the whole at least a sum of the parts. 

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  1. LOL! That is one of the reasons that fabric is so seductive…I’m always petting fabric in the stores.

  2. I love her look — and now, after your description of the materials, I want to pet her!!!

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