Making Faces


Kat, Patrice and I got together today in my kitchen for an impromptu stitching session. 

We were determined to experiment….just go for it, and make some cloths with character(s). 

I think we succeeded.  Now no judging yet, we are not finished….

Here are Kat and Patrice with their ladies:

5-13-10 face quilts 008 

I don’t know who my person is trying to be yet….that hand seems to be waving, maybe she is doing the happy dance, hope so. 

5-13-10 face quilts 009

8 responses »

  1. Looks like Kat’s lady is headed to New York to see the Statue of Liberty.
    Very cool!

  2. Thanks for looking me up, Michele! I knew what you were talking about…I have the same problem

  3. wow these are amazing… love the women that have appeared to you guys… on the lower photo her left arm looks alive 🙂
    happy to find you on cloth to cloth…

  4. I think your gal is off to San Francisco with “flowers in her hair”!! (A reference that the younger generation will puzzle over!!!!)

  5. How can I help but judge? Yours is so obviously doing the happy dance, probably because she’s dressed so groovy!! They are all wonderful, what a wonderful day!

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