Beech Tree Cleanup


We had lots of help on Saturday, even in the misty rain, to clean up the beech tree. 

Jeff’s brother, John, saved the day with his Extremely Large chain saw……

5-9-10 beech tree cleanup, mother's day 012

And our neighbor Al(but we all call him Sonny), helped all afternoon too….

5-9-10 beech tree cleanup, mother's day 015

They cut the trunk in about 8 foot lengths, as Jeff would like to mill it into boards, and eventually make an octagon table for the gazebo….with matching chairs. 

That’s where our son-in-law, Derek, comes in….(he was here helping with the clean up too)….as he is the wood working artist of the family…and will make something awesome with this wood! 

So the tree that lived so long, was gone in an afternoon….

5-9-10 beech tree cleanup, mother's day 002

But, left its offspring….Sonny….to carry on. 

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  1. And to carry on with the mind in the gutter line of though… let’s consider how John has positioned that chainsaw….

  2. Sonny used to have a pony tail too, not too many years ago! Wonder what he did with it???

  3. With my mind in the gutter — your friend Kat is BAD! And just to be a big sister and rag on my brothers — perhaps your neighbor could share some of his hair!!

  4. Wonderful to hear that MaMa Beech will live on in the work of the family wood artisans. It makes the loss less painful.

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