May Challenge #116


Kat and I have a challenge going for 2010…..create a stitched textile piece every so often, based on certain parameters we define…

This month the challenge was to stick to a colors scheme of 2 yellow/greens, lemon yellow, two shades of purplish/grey, and a peachy color…..and secondly,  the theme was to be chickens!   The color scheme was from a current decorating magazine, and the chicken idea was mine(chicken brain)…

Here is my result:

5-6-10 014

I felt a need to be silly….chickens bring that out in me!  So the title of this piece is

5K Chicken Race

Not sure what I’m going to do with it….probably finish it off as a wall hanging.  It started with the base fabric that had the green dye brush marks already on.  Then, I don’t know…..the rest just  sort of happened.

I want to do more like this….maybe not quite so silly, but telling a story in stitch is very satisfying. 

Here is Kat’s wonderful chicken….hers is completely finished into a pillow….


Anyone want to join in on the 2010 Fiberart Challenge?  This is a personal challenge and in no way a competition….just a chance to stretch our creative muscle!  I think I will start announcing the parameters when we choose them in hopes that a few of you will join in.

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  1. They will find just that “the other side”…where the grass is always greener. Thanks Lis.

  2. I love it when you’re silly!!! What will they find on the other side??? LOVE it!!
    Of course I love the pillow too… y’all are so talented!

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