Royal Blue???? #104-115


Do you like blue?  It seems to be a color you either love or hate.  I happen to love blue.  Its cool, restful, a little mysterious, and a color always present in nature.  Think blue jeans, forget me nots, blue eyes, heaven, the sea….. and U of M. 


This is a window display at “White House, Black Market”….I thought they carried only black and white…blue must be pretty important to warrant this display.

And then a special request for a pin came from Chicago….a royal blue pin… 

So I made a few…..

5-3-10 009resize

along with some hot pink ones……

5-3-10 008resize

I think pink is always in style…but you’ll have to search the back of the closet for your late ‘80’s royal blue. 

Okay, I’m done making pins for a few weeks….cleaning up the gigantic flower frenzy mess and starting something else. 

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  1. I had to wear a lot of royal blue scrubs when I worked in the O.R., but it’s still among my favorites. However, I think I’m a little partial to those hot pinks ones. You’re a genius (as is your hubby)!!!

  2. I appreciate royal blue, but it is definitely under represented in my wardrobe. Except the jeans.
    I just love the fringy thingies.
    Yeah, what are you going to start now?

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