Vintage gift


Janice, from Running with Scissors, was so very generous to me….

You all know how I adore anything vintage-ish…….

5-3-10 003

She gave me a box full of circa 1940 feed sack and fabric scraps.  Just looking at the fabric, the homespun threads, the bright but somehow earthy colors makes me quite happy! 

5-3-10 005 

This lovely flower garden block was also among them….its quite nice, but the wrong side is even more so…..

5-3-10 006

hand stitched lovelinesss. 

I was a little embarrassed at our Running with Scissors meeting….I am not a stingy type person, really.  I looked up and a couple of fellow stitchers were rummaging through the box….setting aside choice little piles of fabric.  Evidently, they thought the box was a give away….which we do quite a lot of.  Well, I think they could tell by the look of alarm on my face that the fabric was not up for grabs…and quickly apologized.    I apologized to them too, and gladly shared some with them after I was able to glance through the box myself.   Its funny what we think valuable, eh…..I don’t need diamonds or designer purses….but give me a box of vintage fabric scraps and I get all greedy! 

Well, since I’m holding on so tight, I’d better use these tiny pieces of fabric.  They won’t last forever…already worn and thin.  I hope to use them in applique, and maybe as tiny accents in pieced patchwork.   They may even find their way into my flower pins.   However they are used, they are appreciated.  And if you are lusting after vintage fabric yourself, check back in a year…maybe I will be willing to share what I haven’t used. 

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  1. I totally understand…I would share just about anything BUT give me a box of “stuff” and it is MINE. I love cupcakes because unlike a cake, you don’t have to share it. I don’t like sharing food either…the flying fork thing is not me.

  2. don’t need diamonds or designer purses….but give me a box of vintage fabric scraps and I get all greedy!

    You is funny!

    I can’t believe anyone could sew so perfectly SMALL and EVEN by hand!!!

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