Spring surprise


4-25-10 024

Taking a daily walk about through my yard is a favorite thing this time of year.  Watching everything burst out of the ground, welcoming the survivors, sometimes cursing the aggressors, is a spring ritual. 

I was amazed to find the rhubarb a foot high already, especially this one clump that was at the edge of the patch. 

4-25-10 023

I really don’t remember having a rhubarb crop this early, ever.  Usually, I start picking rhubarb late May, or early June…just in time for my dad’s birthday and father’s day.  But the picking was easy….and on Sunday, April 25,  a rhubarb crisp was enjoyed….is this a fluke(the rhubarb crop, not the crisp!)  or a phenomenon to worry about?????

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  1. Your photos are gorgeous. And your rhubarb looks perfect. I do have fond memories of my mother’s rhubarb pie..it was custard-y.

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