Polka Dots


4-25-10 012


4-25-10 009

Where did that term come from anyways?????

Here is an explanation, from answerbag:

“Back in the mid-19th century, the U.S. was awash in polka dots, that pattern of dots of uniform size and arrangement, because we had all gone polka-crazy. The polka, of course, is a simple, lively dance step that took Europe and America by storm soon after its introduction in 1835. The name "polka" is a minor mystery. Although "polka" is Polish for "Polish woman," the polka dance is actually of Bohemian origin, and "polka" may be a corruption of the Czech word "pulka" (half) referring to the short half steps involved in the dance.
None of which, I realize, explains polka dots, but I’m getting to that. At the peak of the polka craze, from about 1840 to 1890 (this was a very long craze), a variety of manufacturers cashed in on the public’s polka-mania by naming a dizzying range of products after the dance. Polka hats, polka gauze, polka curtain ties, and, of course, polka-dotted fabrics, had little or nothing to do with the dance, but sold like hotcakes, for a few years anyway. The polka dot pattern, however, had staying power, and remains popular today, especially in neckties. “  

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  1. It’s the next day — we woke up to polka dots on our patio. It was a little windy last night and our neighbors tree shared its dots! Naturally, I immediately thought of you when I saw them.

  2. I’m a little smarter this morning because of you. The tree is beautiful — so sad that they drop their “dots” so quickly. Have a happy day.

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