Soft Cloth-98


Mission:  make a baby quilt that had these specific properties:


-All natural fibers

-Very soft

-Lightweight…a summer weight cloth

– Template and pattern free

-A vintage and scrappy look about it….

4-12-10 001

And here is how I solved this puzzle…..a raw edge, strip quilt on a foundation of cotton flannel.   No lumps or seam bumps, edges that will become softer with each laundering,  and a variety of fabrics from the last 50 years or so. 

4-12-10 005

Hope this becomes someone’s (my great niece’s….oh my)  favorite “mankiebank”….(Jackie’s word). 

Things are getting a little less hectic around here.  Mom and dad are pretty well settled in their place.  Now to get their bearings in the community….so far they’ve visited the doctor, vet, grocery store, and drugstore.    Alot to do in less than a week.   But its a lovely time of year to arrive….so many flowering trees and soft green leaves welcoming them. 

4-20-10 007

The view out my window this morning….can you see the red breast?

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  1. Yes they did, the post office and the bank…woohoo! Hopefully mom won’t get lost driving to my house anymore.

  2. Thank you, I had my reservations about this nontraditional alternative….but it worked out!

  3. hey. i love that title, soft cloth. a great solution using the raw edge. that is one of my favorite thing about tearing fabric.

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