I am tired.  One houseful of stuff is organized and put away, or stored away.   Tomorrow the other household full of furniture and goods arrives.  It feels like a mountain to climb right now, but we will take it one step at a time.  The first load had to be cleared away quickly to make room for the next truck….which we can take our time organizing. 

I have an awesome family that helped so much.  Steph prepared a wonderful dinner (chicken/pineapple kebobs)  that she brought over one evening, as well as helping as much as she could.  Jackie did too.  Those girls probably looked forward to the exercise as a break from their unending study sessions.  TJ was busy this weekend, but I know he will be around for the second round. 

Mom and Dad just love the condo, and the community.  Several neighbors stopped by and welcomed them.

And…..I have another “what is it???” photo for you…..

What is your guess……..??????

4-18-10 001

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  1. Good JOB! I’m SO glad your parents are happy in their new nest!

    My Dad and I are heading down to Florida on Wed. to put his house up for sale.

    Sounds like a new TLC reality show “Trading Nests” !

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