The dogs are barking


Jeff’s dad used to say that…..but what he really meant was “my feet hurt”.    And his feet often did, after the ACCIDENT….falling off a ladder and crushing the bones in both his heals.    My dogs are barkin’  right now too.  From carrying, lifting, untold trips up and down stairs….getting my mom and dad moved into their condo! 

I am so essssited to have them here, as I have not lived near them for 30+ years.  I am looking forward to stopping in and having a cup of coffee with them, sitting and stitching with mom, and going on fun outings…but I’m getting ahead of myself.  First, we have more movers coming in on Monday, and lots of unpacking.   

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  1. No, make that ibuprofen with your wine! Cuz now ‘they’ are saying acetaminophen and alcohol is baaaaad. I guess I should be dead.

  2. Wish we were there to give you a helping hand. It will be Soooo nice having them near. Don’t forget to take your Tylenol or a big glass of wine — does wonders for barking dogs!!!

  3. I’m glad you had energy to blog about it. I wanted to call you, but hate to make you move.

  4. Wish I was there to help! When is that piano going down those stairs?
    I CANNOT wait to see that on your BLOB!!

    p.s Love you BUNCHES BFG!!!!

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