Mosaics from the western tribe….


My SIL Laurie  had a little extra time on her hands this winter, but they were not idle hands.  I want to show you some of her work, because 1).  It is wonderful, and 2). she is not a blobber(okay, blogger)…. I cannot put a link out there for you.  And 3).  I’m inspired,  as I hope you will also, by her accomplishments.   Here are her latest: 

Laurie continues a series of small magnets.     They are lovely, useful, gift-able….perfect. 

 IMG_0621   IMG_0627 

A delicious blue photo frame…..


Who would have thought to cover a skinny frame with tiles?  Obviously I hadn’t, but what a great idea…..  


Now, the free form stuff………


Saving my favorite for last………..


Laurie had a request for a jellyfish!…..and with a little thought and a playful attitude….. there you have it.    She definitely has the Kolar creative gene, and the “can do” attitude to match.

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  1. Beautiful Laura-belle!!! We are going to have to all meet in the U.P. for a mosaic-ing weekend…wouldn’t that be fun?

  2. Thanks for featuring me on the blob. Glad you like the things I’ve done. Do have one small correction — the requested sea creature was a jellyfish. That’s why all the little tentacles were added.
    I, personally thought is was a squid until I added the three-dimensional aspect!!

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