Catch up week


I’ve been goofing off… know, laundry….cooking…..taxes……..all that fun stuff! 

Another thing I’ve accomplished is finishing mosaics, getting them ready to hang at  Art Is In Market.  This always takes more time than I think it should.  Edging the mosaics, attaching hangers, inventory taking. 

I hope that next week is “the calm before the storm”.  With the storm being my parents’ move into their new condo.  But, storms serve a purpose and are a good thing, just difficult to handle.      During the calm, I would like to finish up a quilt, and a mosaic or two.  Sounds like a good plan. 

I’m still thinking about our weekend in Virginia……

4-5-10 031 This is Lis’ and the big, bodacious, bruised and bitten bully boy……Brutus.  He loves his Lisa, but not the other neighborhood cats so much.  Here is his story.

Cam and Miracle have a daily meet at the fence….Miracle has Cam trained well, he always has carrots:

4-5-10 022

Wishing you a good Saturday…..

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  1. Enjoy your CALM!

    Brutus has Angry Ears. Only a month and a half until I get to meet him and Casey!

    That picture is just SO Cam!

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