… item off Jeff’s bucket list!

4-3-10 075

Don’t mistake that grin for nervousness….he’s excited!  He has wanted to fly in a glider forever!  And today was the day. 

He scoped out a glider club in Virginia before we even left Michigan.  I didn’t believe it would happen, but I was wrong!  We just happened to see this sight from Lisa’s backyard yesterday……

4-3-10 032

The plane on the left is towing the glider on the right, up about 3000 feet.  Next, the glider releases itself from the towrope and rides the wind! 

Jeff, excused himself from shopping with Capri Lis and I, yesterday, and headed on over to the airport.  He got himself on the roster list and was set to go today.

4-3-10 085

He also signed up as a member of the “Skyline Soaring Club”, issued a handbook to memorize overnight, and a received few instructions this morning.    I think we may be coming to Virginia quite regular this summer.  George (experienced pilot)  flew with Jeff….flying solo is not something for the uninitiated.  

4-3-10 088

I’m saying a little prayer right about now…..

4-3-10 093

He’s off….note the orange yarn taped to the windshield.  The object is to keep that piece of yarn perpendicular and centered on the dashboard. That orange yarn is the most important piece of instrumentation…forget all those fancy dials. 

4-3-10 107

Here he is, coming in fast….too fast….for the landing(to my uneducated eye).  But all ended well.   This glider has no engine….it rides the wind…sometimes for hundreds of miles.  When you are soaring up there, Jeff said it is so peaceful, but flying this glider takes total concentration  And when it lands, watching it so peacefully set down reminds me of a beautiful bird. 

I think Jeff wants to go back to the airport tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for commenting! I have never seen baby chicks dyed like that. After a little research, I learned the dye is not harmful to them in any way. Now I will wonder over to your blog a read a little.

  2. Next time you need to go too!! I went in Hawaii, an experience to remember for sure!! Gail

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