Just before springtime weather hits us for Easter weekend…..I finished up a group of spring inspired pins….

3-2-10 014

From hot pink….to bold oranges, turquoise and limes…

 3-2-10 007

Some springtime earth tones…..

 3-2-10 008

with neutrals mixed in…..

 3-2-10 009

Add in very soft pastels

 3-2-10 010

And a pear and a lemon…..

 3-2-10 012

So although it’s a little early to get your flowers for the garden, I have plenty available at Art Is in Market. 

I am actually running out of suitable vintage buttons….had to get a bit creative with some new options.   They are different.  That is good.   Anyways, they were a blast to make, I pulled out many many pieces of wool….can you imagine what my nice clean studio now looks like? 

3-2-10 018

This one here has had a field day, filling her water bowl with scraps.   And if I should leave a completed pin within her reach….bad news.

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  1. Hi there! I bought the pin with pink pedals that’s on the far right in the fifth photo from the Art-Is-In-Market, and I just love it! The details, such as the yellow threads coming from the middle of the pin, add a lot of interest; the colors are great; and the whole pin really does have such a vintage feel to it. Very nicely done!

  2. BEE-YOU-TI-FUL bokays of spring!!!

    Have a great time in Virginny, I am expecting there will be a Tribe meeting?

  3. Lovely! You know, Bibbs looks so calm and collected staring up at you. Hard to believe she has such a dirty little habit! LOL!

  4. Beautiful — all of them. Want to tell you that I get compliments on the brown one you sent me, all the time.

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