Too much information….



List type posts seem to be the way to go….

1.  My mom and dad are purchasing a condo that is 3 miles from my home.  The offer was made and accepted.  The move in date is  mid April.  Having them near will be WONDERFUL! 

2.  Steph’s dog escaped their yard today.  They travelled about a mile along Farmington Rd, crossing 5 Mile, and were seen in the Civic Center area.  Kirra  jumped into someone’s car, so they were able to call Steph from her tag info.  Keiko took off again.  I found him, almost a mile away, by a stroke a luck.  It really was like finding a needle in a haystack. 

3.  We are going to visit Capri Lisa and Cam’s in Virginia for Easter!   The weather will be nice here, but even nicer there….mid 80’s.   And one thing leads to another:

4.  Time to break out the summer clothes and  sandals….and the pumice stone and the razor!

5.  I started a new mosaic….let’s just say I learned something from this one:

3-23-10 001 

he’s a copycat koi, and not even a good copy.   Inspired by this design:

3-23-10 003 in this book:3-23-10 002 I highly recommend this book, but don’t recommend making such a direct copy.   Not satisfying.    My own version would have been better….but I guess I’ll just have to prove that to you by making one. 

6.  The fuzz is flying in my studio.  Have many spring flower pins to unveil very soon. 

So that’s my list….6, not bad considering  I haven’t had any thoughts or artwork to share with you lately.    That’s got to change….this blob is like my pulse.  If there are no photos and  nothing to say, life is pretty blah…. or I’m just  not taking the time to find the good stuff.   

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  1. SO glad you caught The Houdini Dogs!!!!

    So glad your Folks are moving into “The Home”!!

    LOL about the pumice stone and razor. I am in THAT boat as well!

    Have a wonderful time at Sassy Cat Hill. I will try and contain my jealousy!

  2. 1. Those Husky dogs do like to run free. Our dog was only part Husky but she was quite an escape artist if given the chance.
    2. Glad your folks will be nearby. Any takers on their place in Florida?
    3. I was just looking through the Mosaic Bible the other day — haven’t decided what to do next. First I need to grout the things that are done. Will send photos.
    4. Have a safe trip to Lisa’s place. Wish we could join the party.

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