Hello Spring!


Today was a good day, for many reasons…

3-16-10 029

The weather was not what I was expecting…. it warmed up to be a pretty, sunshiny day. 

My little grandson came over, and we had a great time playing around…will post pictures in the Family Photo Album. 

And I am working on organizing my studio….I removed the old sewing table, which freed up a lot of floor space, and moved the desk under the windows…….

3-21-10 046 Things are discombobulated in this photo, the clutter got worse in the process of getting better. 

I’m bringing my fabric out of containers and into plain sight…………on new shelving purchased at Ikea. 

3-21-10 047 These are the Kilby bookcases, 4 of them.   The color is perfect, it blends in with the wall color.  I love them so much that  tomorrow I will buy two more, for the opposite wall, next to the desk. 

A couple more days of organizing and I should be able to unveil my newly refurbished, more serviceable, less cluttered studio. 

And get back to the tasks at hand…..

3-21-10 041

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  1. I don’t know why it has to get so bad before it gets better but the end results are worth it. I think something is in the air. Lots of studios getting cleaned out this spring. Can’t wait to see what everyone produces now!

  2. Phew, I’m tired, been working hard at making it better! I liked having the whole cottage as a studio last fall….maybe we can repeat that this year.

  3. It looks wonderful. I’ll feel right at home in there. Every house should have a rainbow.

  4. Having a “studio” would be so awesome — and I only do one craft project!!!! It looks terrific.

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