Sure sign of spring….


3-16-10 037

Wow, what a gorgeous day.   I personally don’t roller blade.  But I did take a good long walk today, dug out the gardening tools, and started the spring cleanup.  Then before dinner, Jeff and I had a sit, with a glass of wine,  on the front porch….first of 2010.  Life is good. 

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  1. Yes, you do need a mosiac mailbox……..but make sure it’s chained to the post or someone elss may like it a lot and want it at their house.

  2. Me too….I tried rollerblading until the time my feet went flying out in front of me.

  3. I was just thinking “oh, Leann, you’re too old to roller-blade.” Change that to “oh Leann, you’re too uncoordinated to roller-blade.”

  4. I was serenaded by a strolling barefoot violinist granddaughter for 2 hours in my yard. My favorite day this year.

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