Sunday happenings


Today was the spring open house over at  Art Is In Market….it was a busy day at the market, lots of people coming in, meeting all of us and enjoying the food.

This is dear Carolyn on the left, a fiber artist that I really like.  She specializes in quilts and purses…and on the right is Debbie LaPratt….maker of clay architectural tiles and the owner of the store.  Deb is a woman of positive energy and enthusiasm…..which is what it takes to deal with 30 artists working together  in a store. 

 3-7-10a 005

Here is Joe, or as we all affectionately call him….Uncle Joe.   He and his wife make natural stone and semiprecious jewelry. 

3-7-10a 006

Below:  Thomas Dean-photography, Gordie-metal sculptures, and Susie Skibicki-photography, printing and painting.  I’ve gotten to know Susie, and she is a bundle of energy…a recently retired art teacher of 30 years, actress in local plays, not to mention her beautiful artwork.  

 3-7-10a 001

Here is the newest artist in the store, Vince, lathe-turned wooden bowls and metal sculptures.  I met him today, and he said “you look so familiar”.  We quickly figured out  that he went to high school with Jackie, and lives just around the corner from us. 

 3-7-10a 002

And  this is Sue….polymer clay wonder woman!  She is hardworking, sweet and just an all around good person. 

 3-7-10a 004

I’ve enjoyed getting to know these great people,  being inspired by their work, and learning from their experience.  

Continuous improvement is a good thing.   My mosaics are so heavy, and I worried about them falling off the wall and breaking.  Yesterday, Jeff installed some Ikea shelves for me at the store.  I love them…. sleek, black, and with an outer lip that keeps things from sliding off.    My mosaics are safe, and the display looks pretty good. I’ve got plenty of room for stitched pieces  to hang on the wall too.  

3-7-10 004

Other news, Steph and Derek jumped out of an airplane today, and lived to tell us how great it was!

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  1. The shelves are perfect!
    Ask Susie if she ever taught art at St Alphonsus… she looks just like an art teacher that I had there and I think her name was Susan… I’ll have to dig up my old yearbooks.

  2. Your mosaic display wall is beauteous. That color should draw folks in immediately! Hope business is going well. Also happy to know that the kids landed safely.

  3. Your goods look great!!! Happy they did not tell you until after!! Gail

  4. The shelves look terrific and so does the color of that wall!
    Don’t forget that CapriP jumpped out of that plane too….2nd time was better than the first.

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