Way Back Flower Child



Remarkably, my mom saved some of my old school work, and gave it all to me a while back while we were cleaning out her home.  Digging around today, I unearthed a wildflower book, probably an assignment during 1st  or 2nd grade.  This trillium was featured on the first page of the book.   I remember completing this assignment with such enjoyment….the hunt, the drawings and the writing.  That’s saying something, because I sure don’t remember very many specific assignments.  Note the grade in the lower corner….in red pen of course.     Does anyone else remember making a wildflower book in grade school?????

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  1. Um, you know trillium are protected, the trillium police are going to hunt you down. Mark made a tree identifying book, but I don’t think I made anything like that. I do love the new header, too.

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