Mosaics from the weekend


I worked on a total of 7 mosaics…finished 6, all need to be grouted yet.  

I couldn’t wait to show you progress photos….and had a special request from chief mosacian, Connie, to show them all. 

3-2-10 006A mirror is under the blue tape.

 3-2-10 001Running Horse 2, love this one especially because I incorporated Jeff’s copper soldering.

 3-2-10 002Tiny little mirror in the center

 3-2-10 003Trying out red Van Gogh glass

 3-2-10 004Finding a way to use those purple tiles!

 3-2-10 005Good start on a floral collage. 

Thursday is grouting day…will post finished photos then…love the grout! 

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  1. Hi Laurie: Kat beat me with 9 mosaics completed! You can bet it was alot of fun anyways.

  2. That sure is an assortment of different styles! I can’t wait to se the flowers finished.
    The horse is awesome!
    I’ve started a new one too… will post pics when done.

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