I’m back home…..#64


happy,  it was a GOOD weekend.  Here are some of the highlights….

-We all got there safely after a rather unsettling drive across town! 

-We did not leave the house until today!  All of us spent the weekend in our comfy work clothes.  We were working from the moment  of waking until about midnight every day. 

-We snowdyed….decontructed screen printed and mosaiced.

-I am so happy with the results. 

-Not to mention, we had a great time together….laughed much…I think we inhaled too many glass fumes on Saturday night…dangerous stuff…..be forewarned if you are a Mosacian. 

I have lots of blob fodder for the rest of the week…..stay tuned! 

And just to show you how spent my mind and hands were by late Saturday evening….this is the result of a challenge by Kat  to produce a mosaic of a chicken.  I had to give it a go, but this is all I had in me….

Meet:       CHIC Ken………….

2-28-10a #64, yes Chic Ken is complete….and is a testament to the idea that one can come up with something quickly when pressed for time and energy.  He’s got a charm all his own, don’t ya think. Compare Chic Ken to this beautiful rooster….they are worlds apart.   

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  1. What a pretty bird!
    Can’t wait to see all of the wonders that were created over the weekend.

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