Working Weekend….61, 62, 63


Yes, that’s what I’ll call it…..lest you think it will be all about the fun!    I am getting together with my baggette friends and staying here

A house meant for art making….worktables, natural light, off the beaten track.  I can hardly wait.    Its been a crazy (but good)couple of weeks, and a chance to focus on “making”  is most welcome.   

We plan to screen print and mosaic.  I think Kat and I are challenging ourselves to see how many mosaics we can get done!  No competition here between us, I wouldn’t dream of it….she will outnumber me no doubt.   Kat is gifted in the “getting things done” category.   I can aspire to do my personal best, though. 

2-25-10 001 #61, Pin, felted red wool, leather, button and threads

2-25-10 004 #62, Pin, aqua ultrasuede, red wool, vintage button and thread

2-25-10 005 #63, Pin, felted mango wool, misc felt pieces, button and threads

Friends, have a good weekend….I will try my darndest to have a good one myself.  Be safe, be well.

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  1. Love the pins. The weekend sounds like a blast. We’re cheering for you to win the contest of mosaicing.

  2. Have a WONDERFUL time!!! That sounds heavenly!

    Those pins are DELICIOUS! They are looking even more petal-y!

    Looking forward to seeing all of the creations, and hearing about all the fun!

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