This past week, #60


2-23-10 063 #60, not quite finished but close enough

We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand… and melting like a snowflake. “


I am fond of looking over the past months in my photo files, just to reminisce about the days gone by.  Often, I’m struck by how much happens within each month.  But looking at February, I thought how quickly this short month was flying by, without much happening.  Well….that all changed. 

Kelly’s mom passed away on Valentine’s Day after a major crisis that started in early February.  Kel was able to fly down to Florida and spend the last two weeks with her mom and dad.  The funeral was up here, and being the close-knit group that we are, my SIL’s…Patrice and Lisa… arrived to attend the funeral and support Kelly and her family.    The funeral was a beautiful Christian farewell to Ruth, and a touching reminder of our own short lives here on earth.  After the funeral,  we were able to spend quality time with our families, and Kelly and her family. 

Here are the highlights:

2-23-10 007 Three siblings…yes “life is good”

2-23-10 009 Lounging with Kel’s family2-23-10 010

We thoroughly enjoyed the video of Patt  falling through the air, her first time jumping out of an airplane!

2-23-10 040

We fit in some Capri togetherness

2-23-10 014 

Patt was jubilant to shovel snow for the first time in 9 years.  She is one of those snowbirds!

2-23-10 046

A snowy, dark morning, our long driveway and deep ditch was a problem for Lisa…..

2-23-10 043

But TJ was our hero!

2-23-10 057

Have a good Tuesday….I’ve got some catching up to do!

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  1. YIKES! The car hanging over the ditch is a great fear of mine!!!!

    Thank you, ALL of my Capri-Girls for wrapping me up in your arms!!! Loves and hugs and Bear Claws!!!!

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