What Jeff has been doing—–


1-1-10 003 Jeff has been down in the basement  most evenings during January and February, with a fire in the fireplace and his soldering gun smoldering.  It all started with rebuilding his 3-masted schooner, because I dropped it, bent it, and put it all askew.  He can thank me really, because my clumsiness started the ball rolling on a new way of mounting his wire sculptures more securely.  He now secures the metal to hardwood(birch) as the base,  by attaching posts to the back of the sculpture and anchoring the posts into the wood.  (One slip up with the drill, and there goes that nice piece of wood!)  The wood grain really complements the boat, without competing with it, in my opinion.  And if you are wondering, yes, he makes his own frames out of pine,  too.    

So as things often do….

This lead to a second  ship……(to be continued)

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