Finishes-Week 5


This week, I’ve many pieces in progress, but not much  finished. 

I’ve been moaning and groaning to Jeff about the grout color of the key hearts.  After days of listening to my passing thoughts on possible grout color, he said..”aren’t hearts supposed to be RED?”.  It was an AH…HAAA moment. 

So I went ahead and painted the grout  just that:

2-5-10 005

Now I am satisfied.  And I ordered some lipstick red grout. 

Speaking of hearts. Yesterday, I was gifted with some GORGEOUS pieced blocks from Gail.  I wish I could piece like this….Gail and Kat are both so gifted with their combinations of colors and fabrics. 

I immediately put them to good use, and made a banner for my side door:

2-5-10 006 #53

And just for fun, this photo makes Bibbs and the pillow appear as one…kinda, funny:

2-5-10 003

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  1. Hi Laurie, you overestimate my patience! I painted over everything. When the paint was dry to the touch I could easily rub it off the keys. Had to do a little scrapping in the grooves. See, I’m not such a woman!

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