Way Back Mom


I know this look on my mom’s face very well, one of concern and worry..,,,

momDebinhospLooking a little tired too, Mom. 

She was sitting at my bedside while I was in labor with Steph.  (Cropped myself right out of this scene).    A mother can always find something to worry about when it comes to her children.  But something else occurred to me today…if a time comes when a mother stops worrying about her child….that child will be worrying about her.  This could happen  in many different situations, but particularly today I am thinking about when your parent is having a medical crisis….


Fortunately, later, my mom has a smile on her face.  And fortunately, my mother still worries about me. 

Happy Birthday Mom, with all my love!

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  1. Thanks Sandy. Maybe I should have explained a little more in my post. I was thinking of my friend Kelly’s mom, who is in a coma….perhaps she can’t worry right now, but if she could she would be trying to comfort Kel. And just in: her mom has opened her eyes and is starting to communicate.

  2. Deb,

    I know for a fact that your mom will be worrying about you until she takes her last breath. That’s the way us moms are.

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