Happy Things


Lynn, of FibraArtysta, and the sweet bird nest necklace I showed you the other day, has started something lovely this year….a new photo essay blog called 365 Happy Things Project.  I have subscribed to it, and everyday I start my day with one of her photos…they make me smile. 

Don’t you all think that finding “happy things” is really another way to express the gratitude that lives within.   The gratitude for the people, places, things in our life….those little sight, sounds, touches,  that bring warmth, joy, fun into our lives. 

To that end, I have decided to copy Lynn’s concept….hope you don’t mind, Lynn….and mark some of the happy things in my life every once in a while.  And here is my first:

The musician IZ, and his ukulele combine to make a beautiful noise.  If you’re familiar with IZ,you’ve heard this song:

Try some of his other music…Beautiful!  Where have I been, he passed away in 1997.  His music lives on.  I am in love. 

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