Week 4 finishes, continued


As much as I wanted to get back to serious stitching this week, it was not to be….almost.   There is a price to pay for going in several different directions.   If one goes in many directions for a while, though, pretty soon you’re going in a circle…where all action is connected.  One thing leading to the next, all perfectly related but unrelated.   One can hope!

My bit of stitching  this week  was a request by a friend,  for a crown pin….

I made two, and had her pick her favorite:

1-29-10 001a #361-29-10 002a #37

In exchange, I received a sweet little harbinger of spring:

1-29-10 011Thank you, Lynn…I love it, and hope you are royally smitten with your brooch. 

This is Lynn’s etsy shop, where she has necklaces, and other good things available. 

I also spent a day making flower pins to restock  ArtIsIn Market….

1-29-10 013 1-29-10 004 1-29-10 005 1-29-10 006 1-29-10 007 1-29-10 008 1-29-10 009 1-29-10 010 1-29-10 011 1-29-10 012

Black and brown, neutrals.   Meant to go with just about everything.  

Also spring colors….meant to brighten the winter dreariness. 

1-29-10 020 1-29-10 015 1-29-10 016 1-29-10 017 1-29-10 018 

The buttons are in, what I hope, is continuous improvement.  I like these better than my early ones.  I’m using vintage and new buttons, wool, felt, leather, ultrasuede.  Constantly discovering new materials and new ways that work well.  15 pins….numbers 38 thru 52

Speaking of new materials….look at the bargain I came across:

1-29-10 004 many, many buttons on cards, for a ridiculously low price.  This was the find of the century.  Thank you JoAnn’s.  I am sorry you are closing another store near my home, though. 

And I have a new favorite thrift store….Value World.  Kelly took Lisa and I there last week, and I found wool clothing that will get cut apart, washed, and felted for pins and ??????   One man’s junk is another’s treasure, certainly!  The colors are so gorgeous:

1-29-10 009

I can see that this may well turn into a new way to shop for fabric.  Suits my likes perfectly…beautiful fabric, economical price, supporting a local charity, recycling clothing.

5 responses »

  1. Badd Badd Miss Bibbs stole my necklace! It will turn up next time I clean. Glad you like your pin!

  2. I’m so glad you like the necklace Deb! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pin! Its on my purse and I’ve gotten several compliments on it so naturally I have to brag about you and tell them to go visit you at Laurel Park Place. 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. I love the number 11 pin, it looks like buttah! You are making such loverlies! Was that a new or old button? It’s perfect.

    Look at that Value World HAUL!

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