Mosaics done


and grouted…

Kelly’s plate:

1-29-10 025I took the liberty of adding grey grout to the spiral, just to accentuate it. 

 1-29-10 024Kelly landscape frame! 

1-29-10 028 Jackie’s mirror, with the camera reflection

  1-29-10 026and her orange collage.

Lisa took her mosaic home, to Virginia, and has it grouted too.  See it here

They all turned out so very good.

1-29-10 023 I found some tiles that were just so beautiful, I wanted to experiment with them.  They are like sea glass, with a little metallic burnishing added.  I did this plain but pretty mirror.  Keeping it simple!   #34

I also completed another “Key to my Heart” mirror….

1-29-10 031 Not too sure about this grout color,  but at a loss for what color to use.  Perhaps this is just too beige???  Any suggestions????  I have a thought of adding a wash of fine silver glitter to the grout once it dries completely….hmmmmm.   #35

Addendum: No glitter, but I think ivory grout might be better.  Will try it next grouting session

This is not all I’ve completed this week…will post again today, later….

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  1. OOohhhhh!!! I likey!
    Jackie’s are SO cute and I love your sea glass one!

    You are right, mine look SO much better grouted! I don’t know if it looks like a brick wall, but I love it anyway! Your tree idea is my favorite part.

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