The Doings, Week 3


1-21-10 003

(note the two Delicious Scarves that Kelly whipped up, she had wings on those needles this winter and made many scarves)

This week is a special one, with three of us Capri’s spending much time together.  We are dearly missing that Florida Capri gal, though.  Here are some of the highlights of our days

1.  We are spending a heck of alot of time doing what we do best…! 

2.  It is evident I do not need much, a Life is Good sweatshirt, a fine mesh colander, and a pair of brown shoes are the extent of my purchases for myself

3.  But then there are the art supply bargains to be found….and I am like a little piglet when it comes to scooping this junk up, too much is never enough it seems!  This deserves a blob post of its own, at a later time.

4. Yesterday, Mr C Jr was here with his dad.  A good time was had by all,  that baby has the ability to brighten up any party!

1-21-10 018

He thought Aunt Lisa was alot of fun…

1-21-10 007

5.  Today we went to 212 Art Center, and took  in the Earth Exhibit.  Lisa and Kelly loved the show, and I so enjoyed hearing their opinions and comments. 

1-2-10 006

But, anyways, I want to show you the pieces I finished this week….

Knitting was the only making I could fit in….

First, that no so great mobius scarf…..I felted it and am happier with it now:

Before felting:

1-1-10 001 After felting:1-8-10 001

I also knit a Delicious Scarf for Steph:

1-17-10 006 #33

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