The Doings, Week 2


…back to mosaics

key heart 002

I have a collection of keys, purchased at a flea market ages ago.  The heart shape is also a treasure from the ‘80’s when my father in law made a pile of these shapes.    I like the merging of these two….along with mirror bits and brass eyelets.   The question was the grouting, how would the keys turned out?  Not difficult at all to keep them relatively grout free.   Key to my Heart….#30

key mirror 2

I completed a second one, for Steph, on a mirror/key hanger for her back door.  This one will not be grouted.  I like the distressed wood background.   #31

And lastly,

red flower mirror 2 002

Flower mirror….#32

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  1. Deb, I love the keys & mirror and your other mosaics. I really like the key boards I’ve been picking up skeleton keys for years just because I like them. Keep going!

  2. I love “Key to My Heart”. Its charming. Steph is going to love the one you made for her. The third mosaic reminds me of cherries for some reason! Delightful.

  3. You are amazing — the key idea was brilliant and I love it!! My biggest problem doing these artistic things is inspiration…whereas you have an endless vision. Keep up the great work

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