Where I Stand 1-10-10


All spring, summer and fall I am a pretty dedicated composter, religiously filling a container with kitchen scraps and meandering out to the composter.  Then winter comes along, and I get lazy.  But each time I dump scraps in the garbage, there is this twinge of guilt.  Good nutrients just wasted.   So come on already, just do it.  And that’s just what I did, and will keep on doing, I hope.     I understand that one can also add torn up paper towel rolls, crumpled paper, etc also.   Let’s see if I can fill the bin up over the winter. 

Doing a little research, I discovered composting  indoors in a covered container, sprinkling bokashi microbes over the waste keeps it fresh smelling.  Interesting concept, if I had a spot in my kitchen for it.  But in the meantime, I will slog the 2 miles to the edge of our property,  in 5 feet of snow and subzero temperatures with my little bucket of scraps because I am dedicated.  1-10-10 021

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  1. Maybe you can make a little composter by the back door. Then, when it’s full, you can bat your eyes, and sweetly ask Jeff to take it out. A bucket with a cover will do.

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