Week 1, what I’ve been doing


Seems January is in full swing now, the holidays are a distant memory.  I am happy to say that I started the New Year with a somewhat organized studio.   That is what I did on New Years eve, as a tangible way to start the new year off right.   But, space is a problem.  I am adopting the “do one thing at a time” attitude, then pack that away to make room for the next focus.    I have to, no options.  The alternative is to be stymied because of no workspace. 

This week, the focus was the Earth Challenge Exhibit.  That deserves a post of its own, probably tomorrow. 

I had made a couple of collages, last year…but never finished them.  I made these into cards, and have entered them as my $5 item for the Earth Exhibit.  They will be sold, with the proceeds going to Food Gatherers…the local food rescue and distribution center. 

Counting up, 2…..

hot flash Loved making these collages….loved using vintage photos…..


1-3-10 002 

I made quite a few pins this week, here is a selection….

 1-3-10 005 #4-24…..each pin is made individually, each is unique….I choose the colors, fabrics, threads, the vintage button for each.  

My mosaic area is down in the laundry room, so the reward for getting to the laundry is cutting and pasting  glass.  Jeff had an ulterior motive when he suggested I set up down there! 

These little mirrors are actually mini improvisational quilts made out of glass:

1-3-10 008#25-29

I was having a lot of trouble getting a nice grouted edges on these….so the BFG made a little “jig”…that provides a support for the grout to fill in when the mosaic is pushed against it.  So simple, and I think a larger one would really come in handy for most grouting:


What’s most important:  the wood that positions the mosaic edge is as thick as the mosaic. 

But I do have to complain…..I hate grouting in the house, I make such a mess!  Maybe mosaics (or at least grouting)  should  be a fair weather occupation. 

I do want to get back to my sewing machine and/or hand stitch….hopefully this coming week!

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