Where I Stand 1-3-10


The start of a new year of where I’m standing….this will be the 3rd year.  

1-3-10 004


I am standing, amazed and disgusted at the state that Steph and Derek’s rental house was left.  Many windows were broken, and the walls were damaged badly.  Derek had to completely rip out the plaster in the area I am standing in the photo.  The interior was as filthy as an unkempt barn.   But this is not a barn, people were actually living in this place.   S & D  did wonders with it over the weekend, and it will soon be ready for the new renters.    Anyways, I have a new definition for the words “dirty house”.  

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  1. I really don’t understand why people do this. I rented several times and I left the place clean when I walked out the door for the last time, I just don’t understand it…sorry they had to deal with that! (And sorry to Leann too!)

  2. Welcome to the landlord biz. I am so sorry. It’s amazing how people will live. The best thing you can be as a landlord is handy, and it sounds like S & D are. Better luck with the next ones.

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